I’m officially sad. Today is my last full day of vacation. I’m sitting at the small restaurant outside my hotel drinking a stout from a local brewery. My wife is still out shopping down the street in busy Myeongdong.

This is it. Almost back to reality.

I’ve had so much fun this trip. Two counties. So much food. Survived a zipline. And so much more.

A few days ago while sitting in the onsen I had something I want to call an epiphany. It was so clear to me that I wanted so much more of what I was experiencing on this trip. I could sense it with every part of me. I thought about all the work I’ve done with EVF, this site and everything else. I knew right then I need to continue everything I’m doing and crank it up x100.

It’s the only way to reach my lofty goals of so much more. I’m “back to reality” soon but until then I’m going to savor every ounce of this stout in this quiet restaurant about 7,000 miles from home.

– Josh