Jet lag is for real. I’m struggling hard today. We got back yesterday late afternoon. You couldn’t pay me to stay up any later than 8:00PM. Woke up at 3:00AM then passed back out at 7:00AM and didn’t wake back up until 2:00PM. Now in the evening I can’t tell if I’m ready to go back to sleep or start my day…

Thursday was our last day in Seoul and on vacation. I’ve had a couple craft/local beers while on vacation but haven’t dedicated any time to seeking out a real craft beer bar. We settled on going to Brew 3.15. We showed up around 6:00PM and the door was locked and lights were out.

Oh man. The hours say they open at 5:00PM. We take a look around the block and saw Brew 3.14! This was very confusing because they both kept showing up on Google searches and just looking at their street addresses they don’t appear to be that close together. Well, they’re literally around the corner from each other.

Looking through the window at Brew 3.14 there was a guy sitting at the bar. We walked in and startled him. We soon find out he’s the bartender.

The bartender, Valentine, told us that the cook and guy who’s the server at Brew 3.15 weren’t here yet. My wife and I split a flight while we waited since we liked the menu at Brew 3.15 better.

Our flight had a Jirisan Moon Beer IPA, Magpie Pale Ale, a Belgian Wit and an ESA. I believe the Wit and ESA are by The Hand & Malt Brewing Company but it wasn’t said on the menu. The bartender threw in a Namsam Pilsner since they were out of a beer I wanted.

Maybe because all I’ve had are Cass and Hite (essentially Korean versions of Bud Light) these beers tasted phenomenal. From my still limited experience in beer in Japan and South Korea, I gotta give Korea the upper hand by a lot.

If you can find something by The Hand & Malt, get it. I had their Slow IPA and their Mocha Stout earlier in the trip. Their Slow IPA could compete with any normal IPA here in the States.

We talked to Valentine for awhile. He’s from France and we discussed how the heck he got to Korea bartending at this place down back alleys in Seoul. We explained a lot about the US like how everyone isn’t walking around with guns. I hope Valentine makes his way to America one day. I gave him this website and told him I’d write about my trip to Brew 3.14/3.15 and mention him. So Valentine, if you read this and you ever make it near DC on your drive from NY to LA let me know so I can buy you a round.

We headed over to Brew 3.15 for dinner. We got the Totchos and the Half & Half fried chicken. The Totchos seemed like something I could get at a brewpub here and I highly recommend them as far as pub food goes. The fried chicken was good but we’ve had much better Korean fried chicken on our trip.

Brew 3.15 | We ordered way too much food

Brew 3.15 | We ordered way too much food

Jet lag is kicking back in. If you want craft beer in Seoul Brew 3.14 and Brew 3.15 are two places you want to go to. That’s about all I have for today.

– Josh