3:30AM I get woken up by an, “I can’t sleep.” I got up and looked at our hotel window overlooking the Shibuya 109 crossing and no one there was turning down.

I joked about heading down but we decided to wait. By 5:45 we couldn’t wait any longer so we made our way out to the streets which had lightened up a bit. There’s a massive Starbucks across from the hotel and my wife wanted coffee (something out of the norm for her). We walked up and it was closed. Apparently Starbucks at the busiest intersection in Japan doesn’t open until 6:30AM.

We started wandering around. To our surprise there were a number of noodle shops open. And then we noticed many, many young Japanese people stumbling around drunk.

We window shopped in several noodle shops. We decided on one. We used the machine outside of the restaurant to pay and order our food. We used machines like this one on our last trip. If we didn’t we would have had no idea what to do.

We were greeted with the usual Japanese phrase that’s spoken when you walk into a store. A few minutes later at the bar we get our 6:15AM ramen and dumplings. They’re the most delicious meal you can imagine that early in the day.

With our stomachs full, we start our first day adventure.

24-Hour Noodle Shop in Shibuya, Japan

24-Hour Noodle Shop in Shibuya, Japan

Putting in this picture of me and Hachi just because.

Putting in this picture of me and Hachi just because.

– Josh