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It’s Still Fun

Oh man. Here I am at 2:25 in the afternoon mentally whining about things. I started scrolling through a website full of BA quotes and long story short realized, what the hell am I whining about?

I’m stressing about EVF (again). Stressing about freelance work (hey, at least there is work!). Stressing about two mounds of dirty clothes and not being able to find my favorite pair of jeans (I only have two jeans! Where could they be!?).

I’m sitting here feeling bad for myself and I have to realize that it’s all in the eye of the beholder. That these things stressing me out are way, way better than 99% of problems out there. Yes, #firstworldproblems are still problems. I get it. Quite often I’m arguing the other side of this coin. Today though I’m not.

Today I’m telling myself to buck up. Turn the dubstep up a little louder and crank out some more work because this stuff is in all honestly pretty fun.

Alright. Back to the grind.

– Josh

Off the OmniFocus Path

OmniFocus is out of control RN. I’ve been slacking on my weekly reviews, logging everything I need to get done and checking it constantly. I know why too.

There’s too much in there. There’s too much “to do” and it’s overwhelming. So why even look at it? I feel like I work all day and all night. Why am I just going to add more stress to my day by looking at this list of all the things I haven’t gotten done?

That’s not what OmniFocus is supposed to be though. It’s not supposed to be a super to-do list. I’ve gotten way off the Getting Things Done path. I think it’s time to re-calibrate and to look at all these tasks and projects on here that are constantly getting deferred and asking why.

The podcast series on GTD on Back to Work was what really got me to take the dive into OmniFocus and the GTD mindset. I remember in one of the episodes they were talking about looking at those tasks that never get done and asking why. It’s usually because you haven’t defined either what you need to do or what you want the end result to look like. When you aren’t paying attention with OmniFocus it’s very easy to find yourself off the path like I am right now.

Hopefully I will find my way back on it soon.

– Josh

Quick Post

Busy day today. No Mango lesson but I did watch the YouTube channel I talked about yesterday. In the video the guy walked around his house, pointed out objects and then told how to say each one. It was what it was. Honestly didn’t retain anything I watched. But just hearing the language from a native speaker helps at some level.

It’s about exposure to the language. My in-laws are coming this weekend. I’ll definitely get exposed to Vietnamese through them. I think hearing and speaking a language as often as you can is the best way to learn it. Kinda obvious though right?

Alright. It’s late. I’m calling it quits for tonight.

– Josh

New Lunch Break Routine

During my lunch break when I’m in the office I generally watch a video or two from a handful of vloggers while I chomp down on last night’s leftovers. Most of the channels I watch are travel related — Miss Mina Oh, Abroad in Japan, Pho Your Eyes Only, Way Away, etc. Today I watching something different.

Several months ago I stumbled across a channel touting they teach Southern Vietnamese. This is very important because I literally can’t find the Southern dialect anywhere. And for the guy who can’t speak Vietnamese yet it’s quite difficult knowing if I’m getting instruction in Northern or Southern. Mango, from what I can tell, is in Northern BUT they talk about how Southerners say the same words. Today I gave this channel — Learn Vietnamese with SVFF — a shot.

I started from the beginning on their first video. Three things caught my eye right away: 1) The production quality could be much better 2) It’s quite unique and 3) They’re trying (it feels like they have passion and/or work ethic…I dig this).

As a video professional I will always critique quality. I can’t help it. I can’t turn it off. However I can get over it if the content is good. These guys, in terms of the competition, are fantastic. They were creative, educational and entertaining. I can’t ask for anymore!

It reminded me of Miss Mina Oh’s original channel — Sweet and Tasty TV — where I tried to pick up some Korean before my trip two years ago. Except it lacked her production quality which is darn near second to none.

These guys offer premium tutoring sessions over Skype. Tutoring is something I’m considering if I continue to keep learning. I want and think I can get most of the basics down with what’s currently out there. I’m going to keep watching more from these guys. Will keep you up-to-date…

– Josh


Alright! I’m 2-for-2 the last two days with practicing Vietnamese. Yesterday I reviewed chapter 1 and today I took lesson 1 of chapter 2. Mango actually calls this Unit 1 Chapter 2 Lesson 4. Sure, okay we’ll go with that.

This lesson I learned how to ask and tell if someone speaks Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) or English (tiếng Anh). I took this lesson weeks ago however I’ve forgotten everything I learned. Despite my lack of memory, I breezed through this lesson. I learned some new words like “well” = “giỏi” (pronounced: ya-oye, but as one syllable).

The lesson felt good. I was interrupted about halfway through, right when I was getting in the zone, but was able to come back and focus in on the last half without any resistance. I told Ph about what I learned and I actually was pronouncing things correctly. Pronunciation is something I know will be difficult for me.

Okay. Got this one done. Let’s keep grinding away at this tomorrow.

– Josh

Back At It

Yesterday I wrote about how I want to start doing something new with some of these writings. I want to focus them on my progress on two goals — learning Vietnamese and turning EVF into a sustainable passive income business.

After failing yet again with learning Vietnamese my hope is that this daily reminder will help me keep practicing and learning. Today, it worked!

I opened up my Mango Languages app. I had previously completed all 3 lessons and the review of chapter 1 and the first lesson in chapter 2. However it’s been a couple weeks so I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the next lesson AND I wasn’t quite feeling like starting over. I opened up the review of chapter 1 and took the 38-slide lesson.

I felt the rust right away. Once the wheels started rolling through it all started coming back to me. There were a few words I had completely forgotten — hot, cold, so-so — but that’s okay. The lesson tells you the answer and has you practice it so I was comfortable by the end.

The next time I jump back into Mango (tomorrow?) I’ll re-take chapter 2’s first lesson. And hopefully I can keep this thing right on rollin’.

– Josh

Something New

I want to start doing something new with some or most of these writings.

Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned how I want to be focusing on a handful of lofty goals that will take me some time to accomplish. I’d like to use this website as a place for me to reflect on my progress with them. This is in the hopes of giving me an outlet to share my successes and struggles and document my journey with them.

I’d love to start with one goal and focus 100% on it. However as someone who loves to juggle many spinning plates I want to start with two goals.

The first goal is my goal of learning Vietnamese. I’ve failed yet again to create a habit of practicing it.

The second goal is to build EVF into a sustainable passive income business that can supplement a percentage of my monthly income. The goal and steps for this one, along with learning Vietnamese, need to be flushed out much, much more. However having these two goals in the forefront of my mind as often as I can can only lead to good things. Right?

Alright well tomorrow (probably) will be me documenting my work towards one or both of these goals.

That’s all I have for today.

– Josh

Auction Day

Today was my fantasy baseball auction. It’s a big deal to me. My league is 25 teams. I’ve been in it for 16 seasons. More than half my life. I’ve one once. This year could be number two. But I’m not going to get too optimistic.

I lost out on a handful of guys — Scherzer, Ben Revere, Jon Lester and probably 5-6 more I can’t think of ATM. Overall though it was a solid auction. I didn’t reach on any player. Missing out on Scherzer messed me up but at least it was early into the day. I had him at $30 before the auction. I went up to $35 though only to get outbid at $36. Getting him would have been great but woulda put me in a bind the rest of the day. Missing out on him allowed me to get Maeda instead and invest more in positions I budgeted $3-5. So those $3-5 positions I got to spend $7-8 instead.

Anyway I think that’s all I for today. I’m beat.

– Josh

It’s Been a Day

I had had a day before 8:30am. Yesterday I took the car in to get some routine maintenance. We’re driving up to New York today so I wanted to make sure the car was in tip-top shape for the drive.

We woke up at 5:00am. Not uncommon or too difficult for people who wake up before 6:00 everyday. We were out the door by 6:00. 20 minutes into the drive lights start flashing all over my dash. And the engine temperature gauge shot all the way up.

What. Is. Happening.

We pulled off to let the engine cool down. It’s cold and drizzling outside. I pop the hood and it doesn’t feel overly hot… Hmm. We Google and YouTube to no avail. We gotta turn around. With every light seemingly screaming at me on the dash and the car telling me it’s overheating, there’s no way we can drive it to New York.

I hit the flashers and drove 40 the whole way home down the highway. We pull up to the place I had the car serviced the day before. They didn’t open for another 45 minutes. ::eyeroll emoji::

Ph gets our friend to pick her and the dog up and head home for a bit. They open up a few minutes early for me. I walk in and they immediately remember me from yesterday. He knew immediately what it was when I told him the symptoms. Apparently it was an air pocket in the radiator. Nothing was wrong; the car just thought it was overheating.

10 minutes later I was out of there with the promise my car was fine. It was.

But it was 8:30am and I still had to drive back home only to end up leaving 3 hours late for a drive through the rain up to New York. Sigh. We made it though. But it’s been a day.

– Josh


In about 8 hours I’m jumping in the car and driving up to Long Island, New York. I’ve put in 14 grueling hours already today. Not just work but packing, laundry, errands, etc. not stopping for a second. Okay, I stopped for 10 minutes to scarf down a Trader Joe’s frozen lunch. Besides that… it’s another go go go kind of day. And it’s not quite over yet.

I can wait to get gas until the morning even though it’ll be raining and early and prevent me from getting on the road. That’s okay. Dishes gotta get done since we won’t be home for a couple days. I need to shave because, well, I look like I’ve been held captive for weeks. I kinda have though, just to a computer and obligations. Nothing like The OA though

Speaking of The OA, I did somehow manage to finish it in bits and pieces over the past week. I tweeted about it and The OA’s Twitter account RTed me and my notifications have not stopped since. It’s interesting the kind of responses you get from complete strangers. Yeah, my recent run-ins with strangers have been fairly interesting…

Alright. Enough ellipses. It’s time to finish all this up so I can get at least a couple hours of shuteye.

– Josh