It’s funny when you have an entrepreneurial mindset like I do whenever you [want to] start a new project. The very first thing you think of before even starting it is, “how do I monetize this?”

One of two things usually happen after that thought. First, you create some sort of elaborate mind map (I like MindMeister FWIW) or bulleted list of everything you have to do to reach the mythical stage of monetization. The list contains 100+ steps like, “buy domain” “write 10 posts” “market on social media” etc. etc. etc. Once you get through step ~17 you realize you don’t have the patience to reach step 138 so you let the project die and start over from scratch.

The other thing that usually happens is you reach a point where the project becomes “work” (which is the very thing you are trying to prevent). Maybe it’s step 2, maybe it’s step 82. And once that happens the project lacks creativity and that spark that brings it life and makes it interesting to the reader fizzles out. If you go back and read some of the early Short On Beer posts you can see that spark. The fire is alive and burning for quite awhile. Slowly that spark fades over the past two and a half years. You see it reignite every once in awhile and the energy is back. Maybe this project is a reignition of that spark. I’m hoping I can add enough logs to the fire to have this spark turn into something that’ll burn for a long time.

Once a project hits that “work” stage, it’s over. Unless you can pivot (man, I hate that term) and reignite that spark into a raging fire.

I mentioned to a group of friends/bloggers a long time ago (January maybe?) that I wanted to start something daily on this site. I had a spark! A new project! At least a pivot from an existing project! The fire was [re]ignited. What happened?

My first thought was “how do I monetize this?”

So I opened up Notes and wrote like a 60-step detailed process on how to take something beautiful and simple, a few hundred words about whatever I want each day, and turn it into some sort of money-making machine.

Needlesstosay it never got off the ground. I took one look at the list and said no thanks. I didn’t even let it become “work.”

BTW – Maybe for another day I can write about how sometimes you do need to push through when something becomes work, but that’s not for right now.

Instead I waited 8 months. I tried to restart that spark for this a couple weeks ago. Failed. Now I’m here. Ignoring every single instinct of thinking “how do I monetize this?”

I’ll get there. Maybe. But without a roadmap. Without a mind map. Without a flowchart or bulleted list. I’ll see you tomorrow (or one day soon) with a new post.

– Josh