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Private Ramblings – Ep. 10: The Urge to Build

One of the many things I want to do in these Private Ramblings is to talk through some issues I’m having on my other site. An issue I’ve had for EVF’s entire existence is being able to build and launch products. By products I mean items that can be used in the editing software I use, graphic elements, templates, guides, video courses, etc.

I’ve created one product to date and have made one quiz. In 14 months. That’s it. I made a giant video course that is available on Tuts+ but that was a one-time paying gig and I don’t get any sort of profit share from it. I actually really love being a Tuts+ instructor and am in the middle of creating my second course for them but I want more things on my site that, even if I won’t make as much, are mine and mine alone.

I have a ton of ideas for items to create. A ton. But between creating all the other content (blog posts, YouTube tutorials, podcast episodes) I can’t devote the time to create products. I want to change that which is why I’m here talking through what I can and should do. Any insights would be helpful.

I realistically have 5-6 hours a week I could dedicate towards creating a product. I know there’s always more time (I touched on this in yesterday’s post) but I know myself and I know that’s the amount of time I’ll be able to put in. What I need to do first is cut something in order make the time. It’s really difficult to justify cutting time spent on posts, tutorials and the podcast because that’s how I get people to know about my site. But in turn, if there’s nothing on my site for people to buy then why the heck do I have the site? Okay. Settled, right? I need to cut some time doing these things in order to have time to create products. I can also snip some minutes here and there from other things too.

Let’s say I want to build something in two weeks (10-12 hours of work). What realistically could I build? One of the first things I want to create is a quick course on how to use Avid Media Composer’s Title Tool. This is a feature in the software I and most of my readers use. It’s kinda clunky and a lot of people don’t use it because it has a bad rap. However I find it wildly useful because it’s quick and gets many simple things done. I feel like I can convey that easily in a promotional video.

Alright so what do I need to build this thing (approximate amount of work hours in parentheses):

  1. Promotional video (2hrs)
  2. Promotional post (1hr)
  3. Intro Chapter (1hr)
  4. Chapter 1 (2hrs)
  5. Chapter 2 (2hrs)
  6. Chapter 3 (2hrs)
  7. Conclusion (1hr)
  8. Quality Assurance (1hrs)

That’s 12 hours of work. In two weeks. Can I do it? I have no idea. The next two weeks are actually nuts for me as I’m traveling all around filming for my day job.

Remind me to check back in with my progress on this.

What do you think? Can I get it done? Have any tips on cutting to-dos in order to get to what’s important?

– Josh