This weekend I took huge strides towards completing my second course for Tuts+. Friday night and Saturday morning I spent recording the last few lessons. Recording by far and away is the most difficult part for me to get myself to do. I’m the most uncomfortable with it because I have to slightly change how I normally would present the information since it’s not for EVF. I seriously have to drag myself to my computer to get myself to do this. Once this is done though, it’s generally smooth sailing.

Saturday afternoon I formatted all the screen captures and got them into my editing software. This is simple and I’ve done things like this a thousand times.

Sunday I got down to editing. There are nine lessons total. Getting the first couple done was my goal. Even though a couple of the early ones are very basic, just having something completed it great for moral. Plus tackling an easy one first allows me to remember all those little things associated with a project I’m not too familiar with anymore. All these little things add up (different resolution, having a specific lower third, remembering the naming convention, etc.) and if I was working on a difficult lesson I might get frustrated. I kept with the easy ones and got the first three lessons done and the fourth lesson pretty darn near close to completed.

My goal for today is to finish editing the rest of the lessons. They don’t have to get exported and QC’ed yet but I want them done and ready to export for tomorrow. Then it’s QC time, fixing any errors and finally submitting. So close! I’m so close!!

– Josh