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Private Ramblings – Ep. 102: Wearing Socks to Sleep (or My Fight to Turn On the Furnace)

I have a belief. I believe that humans have fought for 100,000 years to keep warm. To keep the elements out in order to be comfortable. We went from caves with a fire to suburban townhouses with a furnace. That’s why as soon as the temperature inside the house hits 68 degrees I’m running for the thermostat.

There’s a problem though. My wife doesn’t agree with me. Her argument of “just put on some sweats” works. I own sweats. They’ll keep me warm without having to turn on the heater and grow our gas bill. It’s a fight I lose for a few days (one year it was for a few weeks). Eventually the heat comes on and I stay toasty for the rest of winter besides having to walk Peyton across the frozen tundra of my neighborhood in January.

I’m in the middle of that period of wanting the heat turned on and being told to put on sweats. I woke up a bit earlier than I needed to today (on accident) but couldn’t fall back asleep, which is very rare, because my feet felt like popsicles. And for the life of me I will absolutely not put on socks and try to sleep. I don’t understand how anyone could unless they’re twelve beers in and don’t realize it.

I leave you with a question, if only to confirm my assumptions. Yes or no: Is wearing socks to sleep torture?

I think you know where I stand.

– Josh