It’s the gosh darn middle of November and the mall is packed. It took ~10 minutes just to fight for a spot at Tyson’s. After a hearty brunch at Founding Farmers and a complimentary espresso from Nespresso, I found a table in a somewhat quiet part of the mall while my wife shops for makeup and last minute clothing options for our upcoming trip.

Did you know there’s an ice skating rink here?? I had no clue. It takes a lot to get me out here especially as it nears Christmas. There’s just so many people everywhere.

People are wonderful. I love people. However I don’t love wandering around a mall. I’m a guy and think that’s pretty well expected. I can handle going from store to store though. What gets me is the people that slow me down. Those that walk 5 people across with their 3-year-old leading the way smacking trashcans and other shoppers making it so no one can get around them. That’s where I lose it.

I hate that it bothers me. I do actually just want to enjoy my time here…I want to make it as quick as possible. Right now is a rare time I can sit and do something “productive” while being confined to the mall.

I think it’s time to cut my wife off from buying anymore makeup from Sephora. Wish me luck!

– Josh