The very last thing I want to do right now is sit at my desk and write. It’s a fact. I do not want to be here right now tonight. I know Monday is approaching and I didn’t do as much as I probably could or should have this weekend. I feel every ounce of me screaming in resistance against doing this because I know it’s one step closer to me being able to close out today.

Alas, I’m here. I’m torn on how to compose a couple hundred words into something that someone else (or at least something I) will want to read.

This weekend my head filled with 100 new ideas on things to do for EVF. I finished my Tuts+ course (!!!!!) or at least submitted it and am awaiting any revisions to it. So now that that is done/done for the moment I feel one less burden. There are still all those other projects I talked about a few days ago though. As much as I was resisting sitting here and typing this I’m fighting against working on those 10x more I bet.

Sunday evening somehow disappeared from me. It’s Sunday night and slowly creeping towards the point where I should be lying in bed so I can rest up for the week ahead which is the last full work week until my great Asia adventure. That’s a bad name. I can think of a better one. Maybe you can help?

Leave me your suggestion on what I should call my upcoming trip to Japan and South Korea in the comments. Please.

– Josh