I missed my “sweet spot” hours of writing (something like 7:00AM-1:00PM) and now it’s past then, I’ve had no coffee this afternoon and no idea where to go with this.

I thought about writing about how my work trip to New York got canceled at the last minute today. I should be on a train right now but I’m not. I could write about how my computer is burning up and radiating heat while it churns away compressing this giant video. I could write about how my one friend was asking me for career advice while another friend was having me update something on her resume at the exact same time. I’m not really sure.

For lunch I had something exceptional though. I’ve been meaning to go there and try it for awhile now… a sushi burrito from Buredo. It was delicious. Seriously. One of the coolest things I’ve eaten recently. It’s a hair pricey at ~$12.50 for the amount of food you get but I understand. It’s a hip place in DC that serves sushi. They could easily charge more than that as well.

Sushi Burrito!!!

Sushi Burrito!!!

Due to my upcoming trip to Japan I’ve recently swore off sushi. Whoops. This is to get me craving it even more than I already do. I’m pretty sure I don’t need any extra motivation to eat my weight in raw fish when I’m there but it was worth a shot.

That’s all I got today. Time for coffee.

– Josh