Today’s my first day back in the office after vacation. The commute seemed longer than usual even though it was the same ~38 miles and 55 minutes. Jet lag woke me up at 2:45AM which I’m sure will lead to me crashing around Noon. Can’t wait…

During the hours of 2:45AM-5:00AM I realized the giant goal that’s been in front of me for months, my trip to Asia, is officially over. I no longer have that “thing” I’m putting all my effort towards. I hate that feeling.

I opened up Notes of my phone and wrote, “What is my next goal?” I could list a million things here. Make $1,000 from EVF, build a course, write an eBook, land a freelance gig, learn a language, run a marathon, yada yada yada. I settled on something that encompasses many of these that build towards a larger goal.

My answer was “Trip to Vietnam”. My wife and I have already decided that’s where we want to go next year. Going to Vietnam will require a number of things, similar to my recent trip. I’ll need money — that means I need to hit a bunch of those EVF goals. I should learn the language too.

Overall this gives me something large to work towards. Now that I have that I can break it down into steps. One step is to practice the language each day (I’m not quite ready to tackle that yet) and another is to complete this series and subsequent product for EVF so I can, hopefully, make a side income from it.

Awesome. Now I got my mission for the next 11 months. Time to guzzle coffee and get to it.

– Josh