Today I got to hang out with a cousin of mine I don’t see often. She’s a bit older than me in her mid-30s with a husband and two kids (maybe 7 and 3?). And she’s about to do one of the coolest things!

She’s taking an 8-month “family sabbatical” to Puerto Rico where her husband is from. This is so flipping cool. They sold their cars and her mom is moving into their house while they’re gone. They’ve been saving up for this for awhile and are moving there in a few weeks without jobs and will just go from there.

The plan is for her husband to get a job and for her to do some freelance work now and then doing whatever it is she does. She’s also going to blog their journey. Not only do I find this fascinating because she’s my cousin and is doing this adventurous thing but because anytime I think about the difficulties of traveling, for let’s say two weeks to Japan and South Korea, I can think about what she’s doing. What she’s doing is 10,000x more difficult and ballsy than what I’m going to do and it gives me hope that maybe one day I can do something similar.

I was talking with my buddy last night about how I’d love to travel for like 3-4 months and get really indepth with a place and then come home for a few months then do it all over again. I love where I live and always want to call it “home” but I feel the itch to want to go try to make mini-homes or mini-lives in all these other places.

Is it possible? I think so. Is it possible tomorrow? Of course not. But the more I think about this the more I’ll want to make this a reality.

Question: If I told you that tomorrow you could pick up and go live in a foreign country for six months and come home and jump right back into your normal life afterwards, would you? Where would you want to go?

– Josh