As 2015 comes to an end I’m left revisiting everything from this year and what I want out of next year. My analysis isn’t complete yet but I have this one thing that’s nagging me incessantly about 2016.

I want to make YouTube one of or the #1 priority for EVF next year. I haven’t make a new video for YouTube since August! The date Ep. 28 was published was the last time I published a video for YouTube. It was that long ago.

YouTube got a lot of momentum going for EVF when I was consistent about publishing videos there. I would aim for one new video a week. Then it became one every other week and then slowly drifted off into where I am today. I want that momentum back.

BTW if you’re wondering, this is my YouTube channel for EVF.

YouTube is a weird ecosystem. You can make money there but I know my videos will not give me any sort of substantial income. People can be jerks there. I’m yet to really get negative comments but I know it’s gonna happen. Can’t wait for that… But YouTube is so versatile in that 1) it opens up to a huge new audience for EVF, 2) videos are up there for forever so the return on the work only grows over time and 3) those videos can be used elsewhere opening up EVF to more of an audience. Plus I can see what interests people so I can better sculpt products/courses/etc. for them. YouTube is a must do for me, right?

– Josh