Guess what? Guess where I’m headed? Yep, boarding a train to NYC in a couple hours.

I’m oddly looking forward to this trip. I have new headphones thanks to my wife and I’m headed up there with one of my coworkers who also is a friend. We share a lot of the same interests and life goals. I’m assuming the 3.5-hour ride up there will be filled of talking about our next overseas trips.

I think I’m back to normal — no more vacation mind. I’m eager to work on things which I haven’t felt in awhile. Maybe it’s the New Year and everyone is feeling motivated. IDK.

Tomorrow I’m headed back to DC by myself (coworker is staying up there for a few days). I’m looking forward to that train back as well. I feel like I haven’t had a few hours shut off from the world in a long time. The internet is so spotty on the train I usually stay off of it. I have some writing to do, videos to work on and The War of Art to read.

I’m staying in Hackensack, NJ which is close to NYC. I’ve never been there before. Fingers crossed we can find somewhere different/cool/neat to eat tonight.

That’s it for today.

– Josh