My computer is down at 16%. After hosting NYE last night the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and find my charger. So I’m just gonna roll with this until I figure out what to write since I’ve started it four times now.

I rang in the new year with my sheet coming off the corner of the bed where my head is sandwiched between my dog and my friends’ dog who slept over. I slept in until 10:00AM which I probably did three times total in 2015. And I’ve been napping on and off since.

Now it’s the evening and my friends are all at one of the local bars. I’m trying to muster up the strength/willpower to go out there. However before I go I decided I can’t start 2016 without continuing with “daily habits” first — writing here, doing pushups, inbox zero, etc.

I know missing a day won’t ruin me. But these small things I know I can do and should do before I risk not being able to do them. It’s that discipline that I want to take with me all the way through this year and beyond.

Now I’m down to 14% and think I can say this part of my daily habits is complete.

– Josh