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Private Ramblings – Ep. 154: The One Where I Whine About the Cold

Brr! It’s cold out there. Walking Peyton the past 24 hours has been rough on both of us. I love her to death but having to walk a dog 3-4 times a day from mid-December through the end of February is the worst.

It’s a huge reason why I won’t get a second dog (yet). I get too frustrated bundling up and shivering while I stand there waiting for Peyton to pick the perfect spot to do her business.

This morning it was about 10 degrees with wind chills at -5. I was not made for that type of cold and neither was she. Long johns were a must. Sweatshirt under my Northface was a must. Hat and gloves, definitely. And yet I still froze. I’m anxious just thinking about doing it again this afternoon and night.

Okay, enough whining. She’s worth it and besides being uncomfortable for a few minutes, I’ll be alright. Today’s pretty jampacked. I have about 4 hours of meetings at my 9-5. I’m publishing a YouTube video at some point today. I have to work on a couple posts for other websites and one for EVF. And to end the night Nick and I are recording an interview for our podcast. Time to get to it.

– Josh

PS: I’m thinking about doing like a weekly newsletter containing links to all of my posts for the week and possibly some bonus content. If getting a new post emailed to you everyday is too much, would you sign up for this? If you’re already receiving my posts everyday, I’m assuming you’d be down for this as well? Just curious. I’d sincerely appreciate any feedback.