I’m panting. I’m covered in a cold sweat. Water droplets are running down my face. I ripped my gloves off. I just ate an elephant.

Yesterday I came across a saying. “To eat an elephant you have to take a bite.”

To eat an elephant you have to take a bite.

What the person meant by it was that in order to accomplish anything that is monumental, like eating an elephant, you gotta start with taking a bite. It doesn’t matter where because it’s going to take a million bites so you might as well just start.

Well today I ate my elephant. No, not literally. There were no elephants walking around in the 30+ inches of snow we got today. My elephant took the shape of a snow-buried driveway. And I ate that elephant one bite at a time over four hours. How did I do it? One shovel-full at a time. Over and over.

Tomorrow’s elephant will be the front of the house. Monday’s elephant will be a big post for EVF. Tuesday’s will be something else. I just have to eat an elephant each day, going after it one gosh darn bite at a time.

What’s your next elephant?


– Josh