Yesterday’s post is required reading for this one.

Today I’ve been doing some thinking about the elephant. Just like the snow shoveling, eating an elephant is straight-forward. We get it. Use the shovel to pick up the snow and put it over here. Or, here is your elephant; go eat it.

For most of us though what we’re trying to do is a little more complicated. We’re not sure if we are eating an elephant, training an elephant, selling an elephant or picking up after an elephant. We just kinda know “what we’re doing involves an elephant.”

We are all eager to do “something.” Be better at our job, start a business, get in shape, etc. Even if we know we want to start a business, eating that elephant just got a little more complex. First, we have to realize we need to eat an elephant, then how to get one, then how to get one to eat (which I hope it’s clear I do not recommend).

For me and EVF deciding on something besides “start a thriving side business” is much more complex than taking a bite. I’m sure you feel the same way sometimes about your thing.

I’m not sure what the takeaway of this is. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

– Josh