The elephant won’t get out of my head. Humor me while I attempt to figure this out.

What is the elephant I’m trying to eat? Once I know what the elephant is, I can start taking a bite.

The elephant is trying to make EVF into something I can depend on to bring me a steady side income. Ideally that’d be $1,000+ a week consistently. Right now, I’d settle for $10 a week. I’ve made money, a few thousand dollars, from EVF from freelance opportunities that have came up because of it. I’d love to have more of those but, like any good 4HWW striver, I’d like EVF to be making that income without me having to do something at a specific time.

The concept is to do the something at a time that I would like to do it then profit off of what I created. Solution? Products. I know that already…which begs the question, why aren’t I creating more?

I am. That’s what I’m working on for EVF. A second product. I have a launch date and everything and it’s going to happen. Heck, I’ve even had a pre-sale purchase of it!

This is the elephant I have to eat. Create valuable products on EVF that can be built on my own discretion and can be sold whenever in order to work my way up to that $1,000+ a week consistent side income.

Thanks for helping me figure that out.


I came across him this weekend and HAD to take a picture.

– Josh