The two sips of coffee I just had are not kicking in yet. Guess we’re writing this on fumes.

I had this professor in college that I still keep in touch with. He was always on the cutting edge of everything. He had a first generation iPhone. He’s that kind of guy.

What impresses me is that he’s in his 60s and is still ahead of the game for most technological things. Here I am cursing at my iMac for giving me 13 different iPhone backup options and I’m sure my professor is scrolling through apps on his iWatch.

At the beginning of 2015 (!!) I wanted to commit myself to being more on the cutting edge. That didn’t happen. Over the past year+ a lot of technology has advanced but you can still get away with not learning any of it because what you knew beforehand is still relevant.

I’m attempting a different approach now. No, I’m not jumping into virtual reality and no, I’m not buying a Tesla. But I’m trying to get more on the cutting edge. This is why I’m trying to do Snapchat more since it’ll be bigger and more important in 2017 than maybe other social media I’m using now are. Remember to add me — username: joshort

As far as tech-y things go, I have some work to do to keep up with my old professor. It’s not impossible and it’s something I want to do. There has to be hundreds of keyboard shortcuts I don’t know yet…

– Josh