It’s one of those days where I can’t seem to find ten consecutive minutes to myself. Woke up late, had to run errands, had to help someone out with a project, phone call, text message, doorbell rings, dog needs to go out, washing machine finishes, …you get it.

I hate the feeling of knowing you have to do something and you desperately want to do it but the opportunity isn’t there. So when it’s finally 8:30PM and things settle down enough for you to get some time to yourself you’re dog-tired and you have nothing left in the tank. Man is that such a helpless feeling.

What happens for me usually is I say, “tomorrow I’m going to dedicate my first hour of the day to [whatever the thing is].” I feel better about it and I’m able to sleep with a clear-enough conscious that I didn’t let myself down because I’ll go get ‘em tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes, I wake up late and can’t dedicate that time to it and I find myself sitting back down at the computer at 8:30PM telling myself, “it’s okay, you’ll do it first thing tomorrow.”

It’s a vicious cycle. Sometimes in order to eat your elephant you have to intervene. You either have to grind through at 8:30PM (which I hate) or wake up an hour early (which I hate even more) or force that hour of work sometime in your already jampacked day (which is what I usually end up doing). It’s the only way to get whatever your thing is done and once it’s done you’ll feel 100x better.

Speaking of done, I think I can finally cross this one off my MITs list and move on. I feel better already.

– Josh