I’m just sitting here waiting for the coffee to kick in and give me some inspiration for what to write. It’s not happening…

I launch my new product next week on EVF (3 days after this publishes). It’s an exam hosted on my site. However I haven’t made it yet… I know it won’t be too difficult to make because I’ve made something similar before. Yet I still need to make it.

There are a handful of other tasks I need to get done first like write and publish the last lesson needed in order to take the exam. I’ve also been steadily knocking other random things off my “things that seem urgent but really aren’t to-do list” like small, untimed freelance projects and taking a course on Fizzle.

Yikes. The next couple of days it’s time to put down the social media, turn off the TV and focus on getting this guy done. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve done alllllll that other work writing posts, creating tutorials, networking, social mediaing, etc. in order to sell this thing that I’m creating. It’s so easy to get caught up in those other things because they’re so much easier to accomplish but it’s all just so you can reap the benefits of completing the big task.

– Josh