Yes, I am procrastinating finishing my gosh darn product/exam/thing. I’m close. I’m maybe 40% complete. It’s a huge chunk that’s done. I just gotta do the rest.

I don’t quite get why even the “work” we create for ourselves still feels like work. I think the key to this whole thing is figuring out how to make work not feel like work. Yet it still feels like work, at least for me today.

Somehow I love jumping behind a microphone now even though a year ago I woulda bet my dog I wouldn’t. Somehow I love writing even though two years ago I woulda bet my dog I wouldn’t. Maybe somehow I’ll love creating these product/exam/things in a year.

Until then it’s going to be a fight against my subconscious to get this “work” done. Just put on some Bon Iver, constantly check GChat and work on my thing. Time to “work.”

– Josh