Okay, take three. Started this post twice already. Hated them both so I’m just going to freewrite and see where this takes me.

In the next 15 hours I have about 20 hours of work. In the next 15 hours not only do I have to edit a corporate marketing promo thing and shoot a two-hour presentation, I have to finish and launch my product. I’ll make it through the “work” stuff because I’ve done that a thousand times. But this product? Well…

I woke up nervous AF. I thought about scrapping the whole thing. I only had one pre-sale buyer so who would buy on the launch when the price is 2x? Probably no one and I’m not expecting to make any sales when this goes live on Saturday. (oh, I have to finish today because I’m going out of town for the weekend tomorrow and I set the deadline to go live on Saturday)

The point isn’t to have 25, 10 or even 1 sale on the launch date. The point is to finish it and put it out there for the world. Even though the product in itself isn’t much more work than maybe two weeks’ worth of posting here on this site it feels like I’m building a skyscraper made with legos. Even though it could be fun putting those billions of pieces together, it’s a gigantic task. Since I’ve never done a launch/product like this before it’s nerve racking. I mean seriously this morning the thought crossed my mind to just take my website down and deactivate my Twitter account.

But I’m not going to. I’m going to finish and I’m going to launch because the point is just to do it. Whatever good or bad things come as a result of it I cannot control; I can only control what I create.

– Josh