Start. Stop. Start again. A few months ago I remember sitting at this table at the mall and writing a post on my phone while my wife was makeup shopping.

Well, I’m back at the mall sitting two tables over from a few months ago writing a post on my phone while I wait for my wife to makeup shop. It seems like I’m in the same place I was all that time ago but I’m not. I’m a better writer (even if it’s only by <1%) than I was the last time I sat here.

Having patience to watch whatever this is that I’m doing on this site grow hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. With EVF it’s dreadfully difficult and I know why. I have expectations. I pretty much know what I want and I’m not there. With this, showing up everyday and writing is a victory. Each day feels like a win.

With this it is not about stats or affiliates or conversions or email subscribers or any of that. And it feels good doing the work. Since my recent product launch on EVF my aim has been to make the work feel good like this does. It’s easier said than done but I do believe it’s possible. It’s the only way to make it last and ultimately succeed.

– Josh