I’m not sure why but I’m in this phase of being hard on myself. I called myself out a few days ago and I want to do it again today.

I get up weekday mornings between 5:30AM-5:45AM. I’ve been doing this (if not a hair earlier) for the past six years. That’s roughly 2,200 days (minus weekends). It sucks. I hate it and love it at the same time. I hate it because it’s so gosh darn early but I love it because I’m up before most of the rest of the world.

Okay, here’s where I’m calling myself out again. I have this problem though. Despite getting up so blasted early, I don’t do anything with that time because I’m getting ready to head off to work. There isn’t this like magic free hour in the morning that I have that I can just do me. And for the longest time I’ve said, “I just can’t wake up any earlier.”

And that’s a lie.

I can. It’s an excuse. I know I wake up early so I just say earlier isn’t possible because other people aren’t and I can’t move my life around to give me that extra hour where I can devote it towards writing or something else I want to pursue.

I’m not going to necessarily start waking up at 4:00AM tomorrow. But I have to know that I am choosing not to have that time to myself; not that it isn’t possible. It completely is and I haven’t made it a priority.

Okay. That’s all I got for today.

– Josh