Guys. Guys. Listen. I booked my plane tickets to Japan/South Korea earlier today!! Boom! I’m headed back!

You might know I went to Japan last November. It was my first international trip and I loved every second of it. I loved it so much I convinced my wife we should go back for my second international trip. This time she talked me into spending a couple days in South Korea too since we’ll be over on that part on the world.

We’ve been looking for plane tickets for over two months now. Last year we got direct flights from Dulles (IAD) near where I live to Tokyo for ~$1,100 per person roundtrip. So about $2,200 total. We have had all the price alerts set up on Kayak and Ortiz and everywhere. There’s nothing under $1,700 a person for direct flights and nothing under $1,400 a person with weird long layovers. It’s been very discouraging. But this morning walking back from Starbucks to the office I decided we need to look again today. Like right now. Call it fate, I don’t know. My wife found tickets from Dulles to Tokyo then from Tokyo to Seoul, South Korea then from Seoul back home for ~$1,300 a person. Whoa!

Okay, there’s one quick stop (oddly) back in Tokyo on the way home but whatever.

$2,600 for two tickets to Tokyo, Seoul and back home. Not too bad IMO.

Two things jumped immediately to mind after booking. First, how the heck am I going to pay for this? (Yes, I do have the money but I want to recoup it as fast as I can!) Second, who’s going to learn Korean?

On our last trip to Japan we had my wife’s sister living there and she was with us ~50% of the time (which is cool, we like her). She isn’t fluent in Japanese but she knows enough to get around and ask questions and whatnot. I was not able to learn as much Japanese as I wanted to before the trip but learned enough so that paying for things was relatively simple. Getting around was another story. Thankfully the train systems are 100x easier to get around than New York’s.

Well this time we’re going to be in South Korea alone. And with the next closest person we know back in Japan. I (to my knowledge) have no friends who speak Korean. I may or may not have/want to go all in on learning Korean. IDK. I don’t even know where to begin. I found a pretty B.A. YouTube channel and think I’ll begin there. We’ll see.

Now that the flights are booked everything is real again. The past months it’s felt like such a dream that I’ll never get to. Now it’s real and I’m the happiest I’ve been in quite awhile.

– Josh