Today most people put their thoughts out into the world on the Internet. We write blog posts like this, make vlogs, write Facebook posts, tweet, Insta, send snaps and do dozens of other types of communication that is publicly accessible.

What drives me crazy are the stories like this one. Srsly, go spend 20 minutes and read that.

I feel like there are various levels of public communications. There is public communication like this one that’s meant to be out there for anyone in the entire world. I acknowledge the fact that what I write here someone can append to my public “permanent record.” It’s scary to write these. That’s why everyone doesn’t do it while nearly anyone will send a tweet.

If we drop back a level there is social media. It’s social. It’s talking to friends in a park. Someone could overhear but for the most part you’re in your own little world but accessible to anyone who wants to eavesdrop.

Someone who listens either 1) is a “friend” or “follower” and chooses to listen or 2) they eavesdrop and also choose to listen or 3) are exposed to it by one of their friends/followers (i.e. retweet, share, etc.). The original person talking should bear some sort of personal responsibility over what they say but you have to remember they are talking to their little world. Things get thrown out of context so easily. Or they just have extreme opinions that you might not like. They have the right to those opinions just as you have yours. The listener can choose to continue to follow that person or eavesdrop or decide to ignore it or unfriend them or unfriend the person sharing the content.

The listener is the person who has to decide what to do. Today too many people run to an authority figure instead of dealing with the issue themselves. If your neighbor is playing music too loud on a Tuesday night and they previously have not threatened your life or anything, you don’t call the police! You knock on their door and ask them to turn it down. This is a little different scenario because you can’t just move but that’s the option the listener in our previous scenario has. If you call the police, oh man, that neighbor is going to really hate you.

Alright. I think I somewhat got my point across. Maybe more on this later. Have any thoughts on this? I need more coffee…

– Josh