I’m ever so slowly getting back into running. Every few days I’m taking a 1-mile run/jog/walk/almost pass out around the neighborhood.

I’ve never been hardcore into running. I did cross country when I was a freshman in high school which was more than half my life ago. In the summer of 2014 I ran at least a mile a day for 100 consecutive days (thanks, Hillary 🙂 ). I have a handful of 5Ks under my belt in my twenties but otherwise the past 29 years I haven’t really cared for running.

I think of running a lot like I think of writing — it’s a practice. Each day (or every few days while my feet recover) you show up and try to do just a little bit more or try to get just a little bit better. You focus on your form, your speed and how you feel afterwards. You don’t become a writer or a runner overnight. It takes thousands of pages to become a writer and thousands of miles to become a runner.

I’m not ready to dedicate myself to running like I am here. I do want to continue to show up every few days to do my mile and work on up from there. Where it takes me, outside of literally around the neighborhood, I have no clue yet. But it’s something that scratches that itch of feeling satisfied each night when my head hits the pillow.

This probably won’t happen each run but I’m thinking of Snapping each time I run. That gives me something to look forward to and hopefully some motivation from those who follow me (username: joshort — add me!).

– Josh