In a few minutes I’m jumping in the car for a quick trip to Philly. When I think of Philly I think of fans throwing batteries at baseball players and, of course, Rocky.

You can expect as a male growing up in the 90s that I’m a Rocky fan. Any Rocky fan has their ranking of the movies. I’d like to share mine.

#1…Rocky — Rocky won BEST PICTURE! I appreciate the story and the cinematography. I don’t mind the slower pace or the result of the match one bit. It’s a work of art.

#2…Rocky IV — Rocky ends the cold war while training in Russia. Only thing that bothers me is that robot.

#3…Rocky VI — I’m a sucker for Rocky VI. I get choked up at the end. Solid father/son movie.

#4…Creed — Rocky deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor this year. He was fantastic and because the character of Rocky deserves an award for inspiring for many young males at the gym for the past 40 years.

#5…Rocky III — Best montage in this one.

#6…Rocky II — Y’all are probably going to think I’m nuts for ranking this one so low. It’s still a good movie but find it slow with the parts when Rocky is now rich and learning to read.

#7…Rocky V — I think this is a universal belief. Sorry, Tommy Gunn.

Those are my rankings. What’s yours?

– Josh