I feel like recently I’ve had some decent ideas. They’ve been ideas actually worth pursuing. However I haven’t and won’t act on them.

The thought of completely starting over with something new makes me anxious AF. I’ve put so much into my current projects (EVF, Command+Edit and this site) and haven’t seen them through yet. I have to see them through. I don’t really know if/when they’ll ever end though. The decision to stop doing something is for another under-caffeinated morning writing session.

The most difficult part of trying to build something is continuing to build it when all these new shiny ideas are running around begging for your attention. You can’t give in because you’ve done so much already and if you do give in you’re just going to feel this way again in 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years. I think it’s time to put those ideas aside and keep on running as fast as I can with what I’ve already built.

Okay. More coffee.

– Josh