Last night I was on the train home from yet another work trip to New York City when I got an email I was avoiding. I had been way behind on working on this side project. In my inbox there was the email staring at me. Taunting me. All I could see in the like 50-character preview was my contact asking about the status of it.

I put it off reading the email for a couple hours. After my coworker got off at his stop in Baltimore, where I was actually all day today on another shoot, I finally took a deep breath and opened it up.

I started reading and to my surprise, everything worked out. And then some. And then x1,000,000 more.

As far as my project goes long story short we’re going to move in a different direction with it, freeing me up from doing much more on it (this is a good thing!). Cool, everything is great with that. Now onto the fantastic, out-of-the-blue surprising news!

I’ve been helping this company out for the past few years doing various things, mostly writing and promoting what they do because I use them and wholeheartedly believe in them and their software/service. I’ve been doing this work pro bono and they’ve always been really chill about deadlines and always super appreciative. Well, they let me know they want to do something very very very nice for me and take me out to this amazing industry conference next year to meet them as a thank you. That’s all the details I want to get into at the moment. This is one of the greatest honors/gifts anyone has ever given to me and I have no idea how to react.

I sat there on the train wishing I had someone to violently high-five numerous times with a smile from ear to ear.

Moral of the story, if you find something you believe in and try to do good things for it without expectations of anything in return, good things may happen to you too.

I can’t thank them enough. Chris, if you ever stumble upon this, thank you.

– Josh