In Ep. 215 I talked about how my system was broken and I no longer listened to my calendar when it would tell me to do something for EVF. It’s important to look at your systems every once in awhile to make sure they aren’t broken. After realizing my calendar/EVF system was broken I started thinking about some other systems I have in place to see if there was anything wrong with them. One in particular has been bothering me for quite some time and I never realized it until this morning.

One of my daily habits I like to track is how much water I consume. I perpetually drink too little water — like almost none. It’s horrible how little water I drink. A couple years ago I set the goal of “drink more water” on my daily habit tracker. To me, this goal meant I drank 1 more glass of water than cups of coffee plus beers in a day. If I drank 3 glasses of water but 2 cups of coffee and a beer then I didn’t complete that task.

The habit has become so difficult that I don’t even attempt it anymore (more so because of coffee, not beer). And while I’ve cut back my coffee intake by ~33% this year I still can’t get over the hurdle of having one more glass of water than coffee+beer. I gave up. I didn’t even try to accomplish the goal. The system broke down.

::Fade out ominous music, fade scene to black::

::Fade up to sun rise, fade up cheerful ukulele::

It’s time to fix the system. How? Decide what is holding me back. Then take the smallest step towards completing it.

What was keeping me from completing the goal? I couldn’t drink more water than coffee+beer in a day. Cool, we get it. What’s the point of the goal though? Is it to drink less coffee+beer? No. It’s to drink more water. I have to get those variables out of there. Let’s focus on drinking water only.

Now step #2…what’s the smallest step I can take towards drinking more water? Answer: drink a glass of water.

It’s to the point where I don’t even want to drink a glass of water because I didn’t see the point because I wasn’t going to hit my goal since I wasn’t drinking four glasses that day. Now I don’t have that excuse and the goal is easily attainable.

From here, once I get the one glass a day thing down I can make it two glasses. Or maybe 1.5. Something attainable that I can and will do.

That’s it. Find the broken system. Figure out why it’s broken; what’s keeping you from completing your goal. Then take the smallest step towards completing it.

– Josh