Editor’s Note: Reminder, this was written a week ago.

My mind is mush. My fantasy baseball auction just finished up. I’m now over-caffeinated and my mind has been running at 110% for the past 9 hours. Now I’m at a complete stop and don’t know where to go from here.

The auction went well. I don’t have the best team and I only have one Nat. However I think I’m set up well for a successful season.



With this league there are 25 teams. The top 8 win money at varying levels. All I need to aim for is 8th which is ~top 1/3 of teams. That’s realistic and doable.

ATM I’m punting saves. I have O’Day but otherwise it’s all SPs. I should be able to get another setup man when I make week 1 transactions and move a couple guys to the DL. We’ll see.

Tomorrow are the first three games of the season. Here we go!

– Josh