Last week my buddy Doug started a new site and I couldn’t be happier for him and prouder of him. I’ve known Doug for a number of years now. We met over Twitter because of similar interests (beer and beer blogging). He was on an episode of the short-lived series “Conversations with Beer Bloggers” I used to host back on SOB1.0.

Over the years I realized Doug and I have a lot in common besides just beer. I think we both use writing as a sort of therapy. And we both found that we had cornered ourselves into having to write about certain topics on a certain schedule when it came to beer. It crushed our creativity and writing was no longer therapeutic but rather caused friction.

This is what led to the creation of SOB2.0 (this site). Write about anything whenever I want. No rules even though I created self-imposed guidelines that I’m not opposed to breaking. Doug was a supporter from the very beginning. Actually, he was a supporter before this even site even started.

I distinctly remember an inebriated conversation on a trip with him a couple years ago. We both were lamenting about the restraints we had put on ourselves with our writing. Fast forward many months later and I believe that may have been the genesis for the idea behind this site. I cannot thank him enough.

Doug’s site follows similar no rules / self-imposed guidelines that this one does. If you enjoy my ramblings I highly recommend checking out Doug’s.

Doug’s site is Please check it out and give him some encouragement!

– Josh