I’m having one of those days where I’m resisting all the work. It could be because of a poor night’s sleep. It could be because of a lack of desire or motivation. It could be for a number of reasons. The reasons are probably important to figure out in the end but at the moment, this very moment, what matters is what I’m doing. And what I’m doing is the work as much as I hate it and thrash and resist.

I came across this song earlier today. Just a guy I’ve never heard of with a guitar strumming and singing into a microphone. And it’s exceptional. This guy has put in the work. He’s sat there on a Wednesday practicing his craft when all he wanted to do was go to the bar or play dumb games on his phone.

There was probably nobody there while he practiced. There will be few who ever read this (my practice). My hope is that one day all that practice will pay off like it has for the guy with the guitar.

– Josh