I’m neck deep in this After Effects project and need a break. The grande dark roast from earlier has nearly left my system. My wayward brain is telling me I need more in order to do this project. The struggle is real.

As I work on this project, only a rough draft, I can already tell the client is going to want various things changed. My choice is 1) take the time now to change them thus taking longer to create the first version or 2) not make the changes now and get it done sooner but have to make them in the future. ATM I’m not sure which to do.

For once I have a lengthy deadline for this project. I would procrastinate but am really thankful to have so much time to work on it I figured I wouldn’t waste it. I’m probably 20% done with it in only a couple hours. By the end of today I should be a solid 50-60% complete. And if something comes up I could probably pump out the rest with a couple hours of focus and determination.

Recently on Command+Edit I’ve been harping on knowing your skills. When you know what you can do with a software or whatever it is you use everyday you become so much better at that overarching profession. I’m not guessing when I say something can or can’t be done or how long it takes me to do something. I’m spot on 99.9% of the time. That dependability is something I take great pride in and believe those I work with regard positively as well.

That’s all I have today. Breaktime is over. Back to it.

– Josh