The Minimalists is one of the new podcasts I’m listening to thanks to my podcast downloading spree I went on a few days ago. Besides talking about how to get rid of unneeded objects in your home they talk a lot about “living with intention” or “doing work for a reason” or simply answering the question, “why?” This has resonated well with me.

Something I used to do was write up a daily brief for the upcoming day. I’d write out everything I needed to do, everything I wanted to do and somethings I’d be happy if I could get finished. With each item I’d also write why I’m doing it. If the task was “run” my why would be something like, “in order to lead a healthy life so I can provide better for my family.” I have gotten out of this habit of the daily briefs and I’m okay with that. But in turn I’ve also gotten out of habit with asking why.

Before beginning something, this writing for example, I should be asking myself why I’m doing it. And the result will hopefully be a more focused approach while I’m doing it. If I would have came into this writing with the idea in mind that “I’m doing it because I want to work on the practice of writing so I can write more meaningfully to others” than this may have turned out different. Maybe, maybe not. The next task I’m going to tackle is this marketing video for a client. Before starting it though I will address the why and with fingers crossed the result won’t be suboptimal.

– Josh