Tonight is my first of two fantasy football drafts. I am not prepared and it’s only a couple hours away.

Usually I feel somewhat confident going into these with the same preparation amount because I’ve been able to catch pieces here and there on SportsCenter or the local sports radio station but recently I’ve been so swamped SportsCenter is the last thing on my mind and I’m lost in podcast land when I’m driving around everyday.

Football the past couple of years has really taken a nose dive in my favorability. Baseball has always been #1 with me with football a distant second. I’m not sure if it’s the length TV timeouts or constant marketing or it flooding ESPN year-round but I do not enjoy watching it nearly as much as I used to. Heck, I’m about to drop it to #3 behind tennis…

Fantasy football is such a crapshoot too. There’s barely any constants. Each week your team is made or broken by one player on your team or your opponents. What’s the fun in that? I do thoroughly enjoy the grind of the [fantasy] baseball season. Realistically, at least with most of the leagues I do, fantasy baseball takes less time than fantasy football. My baseball leagues only require moves once a week while football is multiple times with Thursday night games, Sunday games, making a last minute adjustment for a Monday night game and towards the end of the year when you have to worry about the Saturday night games! How many times do I have to log into or whatever site each week to switch one player here or there only to see a bench player get 35pts for no reason.

I’m still going to play. It’s still fun to beat my friends each year (I lied, I’ve never won a fantasy football league but usually rank near the top). With that said, send me some help. Who are you favorite picks for your fantasy football leagues this year? Who should I be looking out for and who should I be avoiding?

– Josh