Watch off. Ring off. Pockets empty (except for tiny wallet that holds five cards). Headphones on. I’m ready to begin.

You know, sometimes the stars align for you and other times they don’t. Yesterday wasn’t my day.

Yesterday I had to drive home from Baltimore. I was left Baltimore a hair after 4:00pm. That means 95 South and the Beltway and all the other roads I take home are going to be a nightmare. I went home a different way cutting West then down from Frederick, MD. Frederick is home to the Keys, the Baltimore Orioles’ Class-A Advanced minor league team.

An idea struck me. What if I go to a Keys game on my way home?! I didn’t have to stay for the whole game and it wouldn’t be pricey. I could wait out some traffic and go to my first minor league game. Yes, me the massive baseball fan has never been to a minor league game!

I was pumped.

I checked the schedule with my car virtually in park on 695 getting out of B-more. One day. I missed it by one day. They were playing in Salem and today is their home opener. Shoot…

On the bright side, the drive was incredibly easy once I got onto I-70. I was home by 5:30 without speeding or driving aggressively or any of that. I patted myself on the back.

That night I was scrolling through Twitter while watching the Nats and came across an article about whether it’s socially acceptable or even fun to go to a ballgame by yourself. The author’s take was of course it was fun! The seed of this idea has been planted to go see a Keys game. I’m going to make it happen this summer.

– Josh