I had the best idea about what to write about ~seven hours ago. Whatever that idea was has long fallen out of my head.

This week I’ve listened to the first couple of episodes of The Minimalists podcast. Part of “their thing” is asking yourself what your intentions are for what you’re doing. I’ve made pretty clear that my intention here is to practice writing and shipping something as often as I can. So far that’s been once a day since August 4th, 2015. The process of writing and shipping has gotten easier since then. However there’s a blemish on my writer’s report card. I have made next to no effort towards improving my writing.

Earlier this week I started including one word per post I don’t typically use in my writing/speech. Today’s word was “blemish.” The other day it was “wayward.” I haven’t been hardcore deadset on this (I believe I forgot the past two days) but I’m making an attempt to improve my vocabulary which in turn should make me a better writer (yes, Oliver?).

If you’d be so inclined, feel free to guess the “word of the day” in the comments on any future posts.

– Josh