Interstellar is one of my favorite movies. Top-3. Heck, it might be tied with Cinderella Man for the #1 spot…just haven’t seen it enough times.

I realized last night that my Roku TV has an Amazon Instant Video channel. I logged into our Prime account. One of the first videos to pop up was Interstellar. I sent it right to my Watch List.

This morning I’m beginning to check off tasks like a nimble elf in Santa’s workshop and remembered about Interstellar. I turned it on and I’m sucked into this movie completely RN. I had to force my hand over to the remote to hit pause so I could come over and write this.

In just a little bit I’m headed over to my favorite watering hole for a Loudoun County Brewery Tap Takeover. There’s a brewery I didn’t even know about until the marketing for the event began.

Alright. That’s all I have in me today. Time for coffee. Then beer. Then writing?

– Josh