It’s Sunday evening and I’m fighting the biggest food coma in recent memory. We went out for hot pot/shabu-shabu at this happening place in Fairfax. It exceeded all expectations. 💯 💯 💯

I slacked this week. My newsletter for EVF wasn’t ready to go out on time. I try to have it ready to go by Friday or Saturday at the latest in order to go out at 8:15pm on Sunday nights. We got home around 7:30 tonight and all I had was an outline written.

With my head down and stomach packed I churned out a gosh darn good and informative newsletter. It only went out 20 minutes late too. I granted myself an exception tonight. I was okay with it going out late as long as it went out. If it wouldn’t have went out this exception would have been a one-time thing. But since I was still able to grind out something valuable, feeling like a sumo wrestler and all, I’m at peace with it going out a few minutes late.

When you’re too strict or too hard on yourself when you’re doing side work (aka work you want to do) it makes it so you eventually dread that work. A big theme so far in 2016 has been pushing myself to enjoy the work I’m doing with EVF. Little exceptions like tonight, as long as the work gets done, is a huge reason I’ve been somewhat successful with this focus so far this year.

That’s all I have for today. Time to food prep for the week.

– Josh