It’s Friday afternoon, I’m sitting on my couch watching MLB Network wiped out from this week trying to will myself to work on a huge work project I have to get done this weekend. And I have zero motivation.

In a few minutes I’ll brew up a latte from my Nespresso machine and head downstairs to my man room/office. I’ll fire up my hard drive and start transcoding the footage that was shot today. Once that’s done I have to start editing this and last week’s footage. And man, it’s a lot.

This is the exact opposite kind of Friday evening and weekend I have in mind but it’s gotta get done so I gotta do it. I will say that having this tight deadline is a good thing even though I’d rather not have it. The deadline means I’ll get it done.

I can’t believe over the past two weeks I’ve filmed eight different shoots, been to New York twice, Baltimore once and kept up writing everyday here.

That latte is calling me now. I wish it was under better circumstances but it’s one step closer to being able to clock out this weekend.

– Josh