Here we are. Hours before I jump on a plane by myself for the first time.

I hate flying. Can’t even sugarcoat it. It’s one of the least enjoyable / most pain-filled experiences for me.

I’ve flown a fair amount now. And I’ve flown far too (wut up, Japan and Korea!). That doesn’t make me enjoy it anymore though. It just better prepares me. I have my routine, my bag is packed and I’m sure I’ll be multiple hours early to my flight. I just don’t want to do it.

I will though. I’ll fly and fly and fly again. When those wheels touch down in a faraway place there are so many new, exciting experiences to be made. Those experiences are worth it 1,000x over.

I don’t want to and I may kick and scream internally the entire way there but gosh darn will I do my best to make the most out of this trip.

See you soon, Chicago. ✈️

– Josh