This coffee cannot kick in fast enough. Last night I was bad and drank a small cappuccino around 8:00PM. I needed a jolt to get me through the Command+Edit recording. We had a guest on and thought it’d be poor form to fall asleep during the interview. After recording I tried to go to sleep. Though exhausted, my brain was hypersensitive to any noise because of the caffeine. That doesn’t bode well when your wife and dog are already asleep inches away from you. 12:30AM hit and I think I finally caught a few Zs before the 5:40AM alarm clock.

Like I said, the coffee needs to kick in. I’m kinda all over the place right now.

The last time I shaved was Thanksgiving. That was about 5 ½ months ago. It’s nothing like my buddy Doug’s beard but it’s by far the most facial hair I’ve ever had. I’ve trimmed up my fledging beard whenever I start looking homeless. I’m starting to look homeless again and am debating if it’s finally time to cut it all off.

There’s no point to this beard at least now that it’s not cold out. I know it’ll grow back. I just don’t know why I’m resisting doing it. Hmm. Diagnosing that might be for another post.

– Josh