In another week and a half my typical work week is going to change drastically. I’ll be in a new office three days a week and at home or freelancing elsewhere the other two days. I’m intrigued about those two other days.

Those two other days will mostly be at home for the first couple months while I gather more freelance clients. Those days I’m incredibly excited about. I’ve tried to do those “work your ideal day” practices before but it’s failed every single time because I’ve been tied down with responsibilities of responding to emails and requests from my job (as expected). In a few days though I’ll have no more morning meetings, “urgent” emails, mandatory tasks to do and time trackers to fill out. I’ll be…free. Free to work as I want to when and where I want to.

All those 4HWW people want to eliminate work. I don’t. I want work…just enjoyable work that I can do without haste. And finally after 5ish years of trying I’m starting to get there.

It’s funny because it could feel like the journey is over. It’s not though. It’s just beginning. Like if I was the hero on the hero’s journey I just made it out of my hometown and took the first step down the path. Think when Frodo leaves the Shire. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

– Josh