This week has not gotten off to the start that I wanted. It’s Wednesday now and I want to kick myself for not being as “productive” as I should have been. Monday was solid. It was more than solid. It was almost the epitome of a perfect work day. I wrote, recorded this week’s tutorial, edited it, networked and crossed off everything on my must-do list. Then Tuesday rolled around and I wasn’t feeling it.

The spark wasn’t there. I couldn’t get the engine to go. Between that and an unexpected emergency that took up half my night I woke up today with that same feeling. No motivation. And to top it all off there was an absolute hater of a comment on one of my videos. I sighed, responded with a smile and moved along with my day.

Now I’m here. 4:34PM with a day and a half of “nothing” behind me. What am I going to do? I have two choices. I can dwell on these failures the past 36 hours and watch an episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Or… I can say eff it and move on. The recent failures do not have to define me or what I’m about to do.

Let’s lace up those cleats and get back on the playing field. Right now it’s a brand new game. Ball’s in my court. I have posession. I’m up to bat. Pick a sport analogy. It’s time to go make it happen.

– Josh