It’s 10:07PM. I left my house at 7:30AM and walked in the door maybe 10 minutes ago. It’s not the longest day I’ve ever had, not even close. It’s been a long day nonetheless though.

This might be a broken record at this point but the last thing I want to do right now is write. I’m parched. I want water and a beer at the same time. A gatorade sounds fantastic. Lemon-lime gatorade. Yes!

Tomorrow I’m headed to my first Nats game of the season (Cards vs Nats on 5/27 for you reader in the future). Scherzer is pitching and I cannot wait. I have always wanted to catch a homerun or foul ball. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Oh man. I think the exhaustion is setting in. One ¾ drank cup of Keurig coffee on set today was all the fuel I had on top of 7 (mostly) solid hours of sleep. The darn dog woke us up at 4:45AM having what can only be called a doggy nightmare / ridic intense dream of some sort.

This writing was awful. I am accepting that if that means I get to go lay down. My apologies for this stream-of-consciousness / all over the place post.

– Josh